Simply describe your needs, describe your business, describe your App
Software cost estimation tool

Simply describe your needs, describe your business, describe your App

Software cost estimation tool

Quanter lets you describe your business need in an easy way. You will get a cost estimation for your software development project, broken down by activities and based on your company productivity and market standard values.

Next-level budget management and cost specification for your software development projects.


Quanter produces an accurate project budget estimation based on the business functionality to be developed.

Based on the project functional size

Simpifies resource planning and management

Calibrated with over 50.000 baseline projects

Built for functional of business analysts and PMOs

Based on functional sizing standards

Agile friendly, supports traditional development methologies and ERPs




Establish your own saving objetives.

Control any addicinal costs.


With bussiness needs.

With budgeted needs.

With agreed deadlines.


To similar companies.

To yourself.

To the biggest avilable repository.

Quanter enables your company to have a more efficient and effective TI management of your software development process. Quanter achieves this goal through four main characteristics. Quanter is:


Easy to use and intuitive.
Quanter is business friendly.


Built with an additional security layer in the most secure cloud environment, complying with all privacy and data protection regulations.


Quanter will provide an accurate estimation. You just have to specify your needs.


Quanter is cloud based and always available for you. Every day of the year. Wherever you are.


Project costs.

Quality management.

Objective tender processes Supplier management.


Frequent and catastrophic mistakes.

Horror stories.

Never ending delays.


Saving strategies.

Supplier management program.

Productivity management program.

Budgetary control.


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