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Market Trends on Software Development Projects 2023

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Increase your estimation power

Quanter software estimation improves your productivity, meet buisness needs budgeted costs and agreed deadlines

Improve your productivity

Meet business needs, budgeted costs and agreed deadlines

Quanter software estimation tool allows to save more,  set your own saving goals and control cost overruns

Save more

Set your own saving goals and control cost overruns

Quanter software estimation tool is agile friendly, choose the methodology that best suits your workflow.

Agile friendly

Choose the methodology that best suits your workflow. Agile, waterfall…


    Estimation based on the project´s functional size

    A rigorous estimation of a project´s budget can be achieved by Quanter thanks to the functional size standards.


    Fosters dialogue between development and strategic teams.


    Makes deviations visible in provider measurements and estimations.


    Compares your company with the market using Quanter´s large reference portfolio.


    Provides access anytime, anywhere and according to profiles.

    Agile friendly

    It also supports traditional development methodologies & ERPs.


    Quanter uses the same workflows as the development process.

    In the cloud

    Provides access anytime, anywhere and according to profiles.

    Easy to use

    Set up projects in few steps and start estimating right away.

    Compare yourself to the largest market database

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