cost efficiency

The Black Legend of Estimates

Jan, 22, 2020 | Reading 4 min.

Estimates are necessary. We need to dimension a budget, we need to know how much we are going to spend....

Three big companies make their software development estimates with Quanter

Jan, 09, 2020 | Reading < 1 min.

One of the first banks in Mexico has been using Quanter for a year now, having trained more than 600...

Quanter starts a new partnership with Christine Green

Oct, 20, 2019 | Reading < 1 min.

We are pleased to announce that IPbyGreen has become a Quanter Partner, supporting our efforts to optimize our client´s results...

estimation process

The Philosopher’s Stone of Software Development´s Governance in Transformation Times

Dec, 17, 2018 | Reading 3 min.

Quanter, tool of SIMPLICITY, PRECISION and GLOBALITY for the management of the budget, cost and continuous improvement in the software...