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Possibly the world’s largest database of software development projects

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Possibly the largest database in the world

The Market

In any benchmarking process companies need to compare themselves with others and with the market. When LedaMC started 20 years ago, it developed this market insight through the collection of anonymised project data from our clients.

As a result, we can now proudly say that Quanter has possibly the largest database of software development project examples in the world, far ahead of its direct competitors.

In this way, it enables us to indicate real market trends, and the points of improvement that will benefit a company, your company, the most.

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Market Trends on Software Development Projects 2023

Let us tell you the market secrets that companies like yours have been asking us about…

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Every year we add references from over 6,000 software development projects to the Quanter database. Our benchmarks include project effort data, functional project size data based on:

  • IFPUG Function Points
  • NESMA Function Points
  • Gartner Fast Function Point
  • COSMIC Full Function Points
  • SNAP points (Software Non-functional Assessment Process)
  • Etc.

In addition to the functional data we also have data relating to the quality of the developments such as:

  • The number of defects in QA
  • Number of defects in UAT
  • Data on the number of test cases
  • Effort data in its definition
  • Execution
  • Retesting effort data for detected defect corrections
  • Testware values, etc.

This information is filtered by technology, country or supplier among others; and it becomes one of the main tools for any project that wants to improve within an organisation.

After finding out how your organisation does internally, the next step is to discover how it does in relation to the market. You will find out whether it is leading or trailing.

Our database responds to the much-demanded knowledge of organisations/companies/clients to be able to know the performance of others as an internal improvement tool for their own organisation.

And you, do you know how your company is doing in the market? Contact us and find out!

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