The power of Generative AI

Smart AI Estimation

Quanter puts the power of generative AI in your hand to get your estimate directly from the requirements written in natural language.

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What is Smart AI Estimation?

Enter your requirements, receive your AI-generated estimate, review and you’re done. From your User Story to your estimate in one click.

Quanter uses OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence to understand user requirements in natural language and deliver an estimate based on market prices.

We have trained our AI model with ISO/IEC software product measurement standards (function points) such as IFPUG FPA, IFPUG SFP and NESMA FPA so that you do not need to have prior knowledge of them in order to get your estimate based on the software product to be developed.


  • Requirements in natural language
  • Multilingual
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Estimate in seconds
  • The full power of generative AI

Benefits of artificial intelligence estimation

Natural Language

Enter your requirements as you would write them in natural language.


Use Quanter AI in the language of your choice: English, Spanish and/or Italian.

Market Value

Analyse the cost, effort, and quantity of the software product with the market.

Your estimate in seconds

Write or copy your requirements and receive your estimate straight away.

Use your User Story

Synchronise your Jira user story and estimate it with AI.

Only revise

The AI gives you a ready-made estimate that you will only have to revise

Copying and estimating

Copy and paste your written requirements and get an estimate instantly.

Following ISO/IEC standard

Estimation following the de facto software product market standard.


Improve organisation and time planning. 

Multiply the capacity
of your team by 12

Everyone who starts using Quanter sees their work capacity triple. How? Because Quanter helps them to:

  • Deal with fewer emails
  • Reduce the number of meetings
  • Have all information centralised
  • SaaS application always available

In the first study conducted, people who switched from using Quanter to using Quanter AI for estimation increased their performance by up to 4 times on average. That means they are 12 times more productive than someone who does not use Quanter.

This figure becomes even greater for those who have been estimating for less than a year. Quanter AI not only improves the quality of the estimates, but also increases their performance by up to 8 times. In other words, they are 24 times more productive than someone who does not use Quanter.

How does Smart AI Estimation work?

Write or upload your requirements

Copy and paste the text from your user story or requirements or upload a file with them.

Quanter AI estimates your requirements

Generative artificial intelligence directly identifies the elements to be estimated in your requirements.

You just review and validate

All you have to do is review and change what you consider appropriate from the result received.

Example of estimation with our AI


Write your requirements


Let Quanter AI estimate


Validate the result and you’re done

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