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Optimise IT costs using Artificial Intelligence

Create effort and cost estimates for your software development projects. At market value and only with your requirements. Fast, agile and AI-assisted.

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Estimate according to the market, based on your requirements and without the need for technical knowledge


Using the ISO/IEC standard methodology recommended by the European Union. Objective, reliable, comparable. Get your estimate based on your user requirements

All costs
in one place

Get the total cost of your project, including the life-cycle activities that have been executed and any additional costs identified


All your project data at a click. Filter and choose the information you want. Always available for you to consult.

The power of Generative AI

Smart AI Estimation

Quanter puts the power of generative AI in your hands to get your estimate directly from your requirements in natural language. Give Quanter your user story or requirement and Quanter will instantly give you back how much effort and cost it will take to develop it according to the market

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Compare yourself with the world’s largest database of software development projects

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Estimation based on the software product

Quanter allows an estimation of the cost and effort of a software development project to be obtained, based on physical components or based on ISO/IEC standard methodology of the software product. This provides the following benefits:


Compare your results with the market. Find out how far you are from the best.


Makes estimation deviations easily visible. Identifies at a glance where to improve.

Artificial Intelligence

Our LLM model allows you to derive your estimate from your requirements in natural language.


Synchronise information with Jira, Salesforce, or whatever solution you use. Send and receive information automatically.


Saas solution. Access it at any time, from anywhere. Have your information at your fingertips. 


Calculate the number of test cases, expected defects and effort to execute them by the QA and/or UAT team.

Agile, Waterfall…

Easy to integrate into your development process. Minimises the effort required and improves planning.


Use the workflows and profiles of your processes. It adapts to your needs and the way you work.

Easy to Use

Create a project and start estimating quickly. With AI you don’t need any prior knowledge.


Accelerates dialogue between Development, IT and Business. Minimises meetings and mailings.


Simplifies resource planning and management. Get more reliable and objective estimates. Auditable.

Set Goals

Set and monitor productivity targets visually. Sets the path for continuous improvement.

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