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Discover smart estimation with QuanterIA

Jun, 26, 2024 | Read 3 min.

Discover smart estimation with QuanterIA

It is common knowledge that in the IT sector, the ability to estimate costs and timescales as quickly and accurately as possible is a decisive factor for the success of any software development project.

This is something we have always kept in mind at Quanter, as we work in a constant state of innovation for our customers. That is why we have developed what we call intelligent estimation.

The transformation to intelligent estimation is the first step on the journey to excellence in software development.

Benefits of Intelligent Estimating

Primarily, it allows more informed decisions to be made from the start of the project, which reduces the risk of budget deviations and schedule delays. In other words, it facilitates budgeting and the understanding of the cost of a development, as it allows, in addition to the evaluation of the cost, effort and quantity of the software product, to compare them with market trends and standards, providing a more complete and contextualised vision.

Now, when a Business wants to know the budget of the different solution alternatives it is considering, it can quickly find out. In a matter of seconds, QuanterIA, through its trained model, will return the result of the project applying the defined rate and the appropriate productivity. To do this, you only need to copy the text of the user requirements.

Furthermore, by automating the estimation process, our customers can save time and resources, freeing their teams to focus on more value-added activities. As a SaaS application, it helps to manage fewer emails and minimize the number of meetings, helping to reduce the digital fatigue that affects us now more than ever.

It is also an accessible and useful tool for international or multicultural teams, as the user naturally expresses their needs, without the need to translate them into technical or specific language.

It’s time to leave conventional estimation behind and embrace the future with Quanter.

What is intelligent estimating?

With Quanter AI we have made objective estimation available to anyone regardless of their previous level of technical expertise.

We have fine-tuned ChatGPT to be able to deliver an estimate from user requirements in natural language (without the need to use a technical language). This is known as intelligent estimation.

To achieve this, we use generative artificial intelligence to be able to understand the language in which the requirements are written, thus making an objective and fast estimation.

The end user no longer has to know the methodology in detail; just your business, review the delivered result and that’s it.

Quanter uses generative Artificial Intelligence to simplify and democratize software product estimation, as no specific knowledge is required to use it. In short, it simplifies access to an objective estimate based on project requirements.

The Quanter to QuanterIA process

Our specialized AI team has worked intensively to develop and train the intelligent estimation system using the knowledge we have gained from our database (probably the largest in the world) of software development projects. In this way, we are continuously training it to offer more features and facilities to the user.

Intelligent estimation is the future of software estimation.

It is the future because everyone will be able to make an immediate, objective, standard-based estimate without it being time-consuming. It will be sufficient for the result to be reviewed by one person.

At Quanter we are looking forward to the positive impact that intelligent estimating will have on the industry and to seeing the results for our clients.

If you want to take your software estimation projects to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us and discover all that QuanterIA has to offer.

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