Quality as a Compass in Software Development

Quality as a Compass in Software Development

Nov, 23, 2023 | Read 2 min.

In software development, planning is fundamental, which is why estimates are made, both in terms of effort and financial investment....

FinOps: managing costs in the cloud.  

FinOps: managing costs in the cloud.  

Aug, 18, 2023 | Read 2 min.

FinOps is an umbrella term for Finance and DevOps and defines the business methodology where the goal is to maximise...

Your POST-COVID Digital Transformation depends on the mask you use

Sep, 08, 2020 | Read 3 min.

It is a curious fact how I can predict your digital transformation after the COVID-19 just by looking at how...

Three big companies make their software development estimates with Quanter

Jan, 09, 2020 | Read < 1 min.

One of the first banks in Mexico has been using Quanter for a year now, having trained more than 600...

How Quanter speeds up software development in a electric company

Dec, 20, 2019 | Read < 1 min.

Case Study Current situation One of the three most important electric companies in Spain operates under a decentralized model of...

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