LedaMC launches Quanter, the new software development cost estimation tool

Oct, 10, 2018 | Read < 1 min.

Quanter is the latest tool presented by the Spanish consultancy LedaMC. It facilitates rigorous estimations of a project’s budget and benchmarkings, achieving significant cost savings.

LedaMC, a leading consultancy of software development productivity management, launches Quanter. This new product grants a rigorous cost estimate of different software development activities based on business needs, in a simple and intuitive way. Homogenizes the estimation process and at the same time makes it transparent and auditable.

It allows comparing the costs of development against market, contrasting the productivity of projects against the largest database of productivity in the world (more than 50,000 reference projects in different technologies and countries).

Quanter helps to control the objectives of TIC savings, to manage the bidding processes and to reduce the costs of development providers.

LedaMC is an independent consultancy, with one hundred percent Spanish capital, specialized in the IT Government of large organizations with complex IT infrastructures. Founded in 2003, it is currently active in several European and American countries.

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