Quanter shows up its Agile version in the first edition of the Q-Day.

Jun, 24, 2019 | Read < 1 min.

LedaMC has held its first Q-day event. The motto chosen was: Be Agile, Be Quanter my friend. The objective was to respond to the growing need of large companies to adapt their Software Development Governance to the new trends promoted within agility methodologies.

Beginning with a dynamic on the challenges of IT Governance in an Agile world, attendees were able to share their particular issues and gather interesting insights.

Particularly interesting was the success story presented in first person by Luis María Martinez, head of service in Orange, about the management of Orange software development providers, where all participants had the opportunity to learn how the operator had managed to have a successful governance that covered predictive and agile developments at the same time. This model of governance has been made through the software product delivered to each of the teams of suppliers regardless of their way of working thus having an objective measure that allows absolute comparison.

Another important point was the talk about the application model of a UAT cross Agile. It was shown how something that in theory should be done by the business user of a large company becomes something so complex and important that needs help to carry it out: UAT between different channels, within different related Apps, UX tests, etc. Having a team fully dedicated to it, becomes a differential fact to achieve the objectives.




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