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Quanter, your infallible partner for successful software projects 

Oct, 04, 2023 | Read 2 min.

If you want to know why Quanter is like the workmate you never knew you needed in the world of software development project management, read on because what follows is going to interest you.  

We know what your day-to-day life is like: you’re in charge of one or more software development projects and you want (or rather, need) to be in complete control without losing your sanity. The part of receiving or making an estimate to calculate the cost of the project is one of the most time-consuming

Quanter will help you simplify the whole process and make you feel like a management and productivity genius – you can say goodbye to those headaches! 

Join productivity and efficiency with Quanter  

Let’s first talk about effort and cost, the two big issues in the estimating world. Quanter tells you how much you should spend on developing or maintaining an application, taking into account technology, development cost and additional costs such as licensing, training, support, etc., saving you time and money. 

What more could you ask for? In addition, it performs the estimation of the functional requirements of your software development project following an ISO/IEC methodology widely used by the European Union.  

This is just the beginning. Quanter gives you data you didn’t even know you needed, as if it were that colleague who reveals business tricks: which functionality is the most frequently modified, which is the most profitable team and/or supplier for a technology, who is the person in your team that best manages estimates….. 

And it’s as easy to use as eating a cake. Set up your IT projects in the blink of an eye: it’s all in an interface that even your dog could understand. 

Quanter has your back when it comes to managing data profiles.  

You can monitor your estimates throughout the entire project and, like NASA radar, it detects overestimated processes, hidden costs and activities that are more inflated than a party balloon. What’s more, it assesses the cost of your IT project and tells you if it’s in line with the market.   

It will also tell you whether you’re overspending or being a masterful saver. Money well spent? Yes, please! Instant savings, full satisfaction. 

Quanter is like your right hand to manage your IT projects.  

And last but not least: Quanter gets smarter with every use. Like a friend who gets to know you better over time, Quanter improves your estimates. Plus, you can show off your app wherever you want because Quanter works on any device, anywhere.  

In short, with Quanter you’ll be a productivity ninja, a savings master and a free estimator.   

We hope to see you on the road to success soon!   

Here’s a video for you to see Quanter in action:  How it works.

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