Rafael de la Fuente, founder and director of the company, offers his vision and answers some questions related to Quanter

Nov, 20, 2018 | Read 2 min.

The key to manage software development more efficiently is a correct estimation of the projects.

Q. How does LedaMC help its clients to increase the contribution of IT to the business?

From LedaMC we foster the contribution of IT to business through the improvement of the supplier management, increasing the productivity, optimizing software testing, improving quality and reducing costs.

Q. One of your services is your Benchmarking, can you explain what it is?

It is a service of LedaMC that enables the complete, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the development department productivity and maintenance of applications.

The benchmarking of LedaMC allows us to obtain the productivity metrics that establish the position of the organization that we are evaluating. The evaluation process is very rigorous, and we use international standards. This guarantees that the results obtained are consistent and useful. The organization also can know how to compare itself with similar organizations.

The benchmarking of productivity has been defined based on the experience accumulated by LedaMC and its professionals, making productivity measurements in projects of development and maintenance of applications in large organizations.

Q. The latest innovation of your company is the launch of Quanter. What is Quanter?

Quanter is a software cost estimation tool.

Q. Could you tell us more about what this tool brings to the IT business?

Quanter grants a rigorous budget estimate of a project and as a result, an important cost saving based on the developed business functionality. The key to manage software development projects more efficiently is to have a correct estimation.

Q. How have you achieved or what have you based on to develop this tool?

Quanter is based on international standards and the measurement of the functional size of projects, that means, based on the functionalities that must be developed, we estimate the necessary resources and the timing in which the project will be carried out. On the other hand, this tool is calibrated with more than 50,000 reference projects that guarantee that the estimates have a very solid foundation.

Q. Is Quanter valid for Agile developments?

Sure, Quanter is valid for both traditional and Agile developments.

Q. How does Quanter facilitate the IT Government?

Quanter provides saving strategies, productivity and supplier management models. It helps to have budgetary control of projects and guarantees the optimization of expenditure in project management.

Q. To whom is Quanter primarily addressed?

Quanter is fundamentally oriented to all those who make estimates of projects in a usual way: business analysts, functional analysts, project management offices, etc.

Q. But, what about the handling? Is it easy to use?

Not only is it easy, it’s very intuitive. It is also very precise and easily adaptable to the particular case of each client. It is also available in the cloud with the advantages that the cloud provides.

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