But really, what is Quanter? Let me explain it to you with an example.

May, 17, 2023 | Read 2 min.

what is quanter

Quanter is a tool that allows you to obtain an estimate of the budget of a software project through simplicity and precision, taking into account all the factors and processes involved.

With Quanter you can manage the budget and cost of a software product. In addition, you can enable continuous improvement in software development processes.

We are aware that these concepts are not easy to understand. Especially for those who are not familiar with them. Therefore, we want to explain it to you with a more everyday example:

Imagine that you are going to renovate your house, and you contact several companies. They send you a quote and when you review them you think:

“Why is this company asking for so much?”, “If the quote is so cheap, there must be something wrong with it”, “Are they ripping me off?

You are overwhelmed to see that you have several quotes with a big difference of thousands of euros between them, and you don’t know why or which one to choose.

What would you rather they explain to you why there is a difference between one and the other? Of course, we all want to understand where and why we are making an investment.

In that sense, Quanter helps you to work more calmly: you will know the estimate, the time and the effort that are being developed in your software project.

What Quanter does is that the feeling of uncertainty and improvisation disappears when you are given the estimate of a software development project, as you can obtain an estimate of the budget and compare it with the market. In this way, you can achieve significant cost savings.

In other words, it homogenizes the estimation process and at the same time makes it transparent and auditable.

With Quanter you can obtain an estimate of the cost of the different software development activities based on the business needs, in a simple and intuitive way.

In other words, it allows you to understand what an estimate consists of in a language common to your business. Therefore, it guides you through the process, as when you understand each service in the renovation budget to estimate the final value.

In more technical language, Quanter helps you with:

  • Control and monitor in line with ICT savings targets.
  • Manage tendering processes.
  • Reduce development supplier costs.

For these reasons, it is a highly effective tool and becomes the CTO’s right hand.

We are not so sure that we can help you in the reform of your house. What we are sure of is that, for software development cost estimation, Quanter is your app.

You can access a demo of Quanter here.

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