The Great Lesson of the MWC

Mar, 14, 2019 | Read 3 min.

Movil World Congress 2019

The MWC is gone, it’s over, it’s history, but before leaving, it has left us a great lesson that we must apply in our respective businesses, because it’s a universal digital law, a law that will fall to us like a slab in these moments of digital empowerment if we don’t respect it: the law of 5G speed vs. folding screens.


The 5G is the epitome of fatuous and empty innovation, of the most wood of the Marx brothers, of Boole’s law to multiply and multiply every year, the law of the nouveau riche who pretends to gain prestige not because he should but because he can spend an enormous amount of money.

The 5G has been threatening us with a world of large and immediate data tsunamis for a long time and only this year we have been able to see some real facts in this MWC. The 5G is like the megapixel number of our mobile cameras: nobody gives it importance, but we are all looking for the biggest.

But size doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, what really matters are, and I go back to the universal law that the MWC left us this year, the folding mobiles, why? Because they do show us the future.

Folding mobiles are the future

The folding mobiles presented this year are the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, the model that has surprised everyone. The two models will be available this year and at a very high price, close to 2,000, but the important lesson we leave, beyond looking for brands on the screen by the area where they bend, is the epitome of innovation based on the user or what is the same, the law of the time in which we live the user experience is the one that counts, the UX is the queen.

Samsung’s mobile presents for the first time a triple multitasking (it allows to see 3 App at the same time) when it has its screen extended conferring in this way to the user all the power of the control in his hands.

The Huawei Mate X allows us to have screens on both sides of the mobile and a Tablet when deploying it. It is the maximum use of the user’s needs, it is the power of innovation at the service of the person.

El Mobile World Congress de la 5G.

User Empowerment

With no doubt the 5G will give us, in the future still distant, to infinity of services that we are not even able to imagine, but the folding screens allow an endless number of applications that will be able to cover our needs of a better form and to do it of immediate form.

Having the mobility and the size of the screen to consult what we want, rotate the mobile and continue seeing what we have on screen is an option to empower the user and that is what we must all learn from this MWC.

In our businesses, in our areas we must maximize User eXperience (UX) to create memorable moments and make each person take advantage of this increasingly digital world, more agile, more people-centered.

Let’s empower people

From LedaMC we have learned the lesson and have put all our efforts to improve the experience of our users in a world as complicated as the estimates of software developments. With the inspiration of MWC we have developed Quanter, a tool that improves this user experience, ridding software development estimates of all the limitations to empower the really important users, managers, the business.

Julián Gómez Bejarano, Chief Digital Officer of LedaMC.

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