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The Philosopher’s Stone of Software Development´s Governance in Transformation Times

Dec, 17, 2018 | Read 3 min.

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Quanter, tool of SIMPLICITY, PRECISION and GLOBALITY for the management of the budget, cost and continuous improvement in the software development processes.

There are three main problems that every company that develops software tries to solve: estimating the budget, establishing the cost of what is developed and that these measures are exact enough so that the organization does not sink into failure.

These are three important issues, whether you are a small company or a large company. But when you are a large, global company that outsources a significant volume of software development, this issue becomes critical and you have to take action to govern it. The Government of software development, the Government of App development, has become the major issue on the agenda of most companies.

Software surrounds us, it helps us, without software we cannot live, we have digitally transformed ourselves and we are in its hands, but these hands cannot be left to free will, they need to be governed and, above all, we need “a government of our investment” to see how much we will need to invest and how much it is going to count/cost.

From LedaMC we have been helping large companies in the task of governance of their software development providers, and as a consecuence of these collaborations our customers have asked us to create a unique solution that allows them to budget and measure the cost with three main characteristics: simplicity, accuracy and comprehensiveness.


Simplicity to be able to be used in a simple way by any person, day-to-day managers who cannot dedicate much time to learn new methods, nor complex methods to make estimates, but who know the requirements of the software they use, the business needs. Quanter allows you to do it through a description of the business requirements and allows you to do it automatically including only the description of what the software should do, a description of the product, without entering technical components, only what the software should do and deliver, but without sacrificing the…


Precision to be able to have an estimate that is useful. A method that is very easy, but does not come close to reality, would be useless. Therefore, we have made an App that approaches from 3 different points: the first use the de facto industry standard of estimating the size of the software product, giving it the strength of an internationally recognized method, the second adapt to the processes and models of the company, to the idiosyncrasy of the same, since not all companies do things the same way and third maintain a product baseline, in order to reuse everything that has already been identified. This way of doing things allows it to be used in the …


Gloibality to be used within a digital transformation. The concern about being able to take advantage of the benefits of the digital transformation has led many of the CIOs to ask themselves the question of whether the transformation is a success or not, how to compare? For this they needed a tool that could be used both in models of previous paradigms and in the new agile paradigms, an App that could support them in the governance of software development both in cascade and in any new paradigm that is implemented or that may arrive, all this is what we have achieved with Quanter, a tool that through simplicity, accuracy and globality allows a management of budget, cost and, above all, enables continuous improvement in the processes of software development allowing the organization to be at the forefront of software development.

Be Quanter my friend!

Julián Gómez Bejarano. Chief Digital Officer LedaMC

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