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7 ways Quanter can help you in your remote working.

Mar, 30, 2020 | Read 3 min.

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Digitalization is changing the day-to-day life of organizations at a frenetic pace. New business models are appearing, new ways of working and even customer relations. That is why you have to adapt quickly to the circumstances and, although there are crises that force you to work remotely, teleworking is a practice that has come to stay.
We can see that the key for making teleworking a success is the use of the right tools. The digital tools are helping to solve a number of problems that exist in traditional telework systems such as disconnection, loneliness, the lack of access to information at all times and, above all, the dynamics of non-collaborative work.
The philosophy adopted by Quanter to deal with this sort of situation is aimed to encourage the performance of tasks remotely in order to boost the flexibility and adaptability of IT teams.

But what is Quanter?

Every idea these days requires software development, but we don’t always know how to calculate and budget the cost of such development. This is where Quanter, as an estimation tool, becomes the indispensable App for planning your software development. Not to mention how useful it is for remote work thanks to the following features:

  • Centralized estimate repository. Quanter allows you to centralize all the estimation activity and, as a cloud-based tool, reduces the mail load and allows immediate access to the estimates made or in progress.
  • Thanks to the estimates totalizer, all the members of a team can know the volume of estimates and see the evolution of all the work in progress and completed. This provides transparency and allows real-time access to all users who have access to the tool (customer, supplier or the meter itself).
  • The front screen of the estimate allows the client to visualize at any time how a specific estimate is progressing, if the supplier has finished it, if the review has been carried out and how many hours and effort the supplier is estimating. Thanks to this, you´ll be able to compare it in real time with the estimate made by the office.
  • Through the results tab located within each project, the whole team will have real-time access to the results of the estimate, deviations, analysis by activity, etc. They will also be able to compare the actual estimate with other projects of similar technology previously estimated, allowing all users to see a comparison of the work done.
  • You can base your decision making on the visualization of the comparison with the market since Quanter allows you to compare yourself against your competitors within your sector, based on different KPIs.
  • The Quanter Dashboard, allows you to visualize the current status of a service. Quanter provides all its users with a chart with the most relevant KPIs. In this way, all team members can see the evolution of the alignment so that projects, systems, suppliers, technologies and managers can be easily compared in a ranking, from which the whole team can draw their own conclusions.
  • Finally, Quanter enables the entire team to visualize and share, in real time, how the service is evolving with respect to the objectives set, based on different indicators:

Quanter will be your App of estimation whether you are at home or anywhere else. You just have to know what you want, Quanter tells you how much you need.

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