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Innovation and the Future at the LedaMC and Quanter conference: Challenges and Opportunities of Generative AI in IT.

Jun, 14, 2024 | Read 4 min.

On May 23rd, an exceptional conference organised by LedaMC and Quanter, entitled “IT Challenges in the era of Generative AI”, took place. This event, which was held at the Luchana theatres, brought together leads, clients and colleagues, creating a space for discussion and reflection on the challenges and opportunities that generative artificial intelligence presents for information technologies. Attendees included representatives from companies such as Correos, MasOrange, Agroseguro, Iberia, Iberdrola, Mapfre, Acciona and Repsol.

IT challenges in the era of generative AI

Dácil Castelo, CEO of LedaMC, was in charge of opening the conference, recalling the company’s 20th anniversary celebrated last year together with Rafael de la Fuente, founder of LedaMC. Castelo stressed the importance of innovation and commitment to people: “AI is a revolution whose scope we cannot yet foresee. At LedaMC, we have jumped on that bandwagon without losing our essence: people are at the centre and generative AI is a tool at the service of humans”.

This statement underlined the incorporation of generative AI in the LedaMC-powered Quanter application.

Generative AI will be “the new gold rush”, says Yan Bello

Yan Bello, CEO of SpaceMinds and pioneer in the use of AI, presented an inspiring keynote on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the IT sector. Bello stated that AI should be a tool to achieve better results and turn risks into opportunities to create value. He raised several interesting challenges: How to measure the value that generative AI brings to the business, how to govern data and manage risks, and how to provide the expected transparency and explainability.

Panel Discussion and Real Life Experiences

The event had Julián Gómez, CDO of LedaMC, as master of ceremonies, who mentioned the creation of the Productivity Council by the Spanish Government, aimed at designing public policies that take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence for the economy. Following a practice already used by many organisations in Spain, as the next speaker demonstrated in her keynote.

Ana Arredondo, Director of Information Technology at the SPTO, shared her experience transformed into a success story by optimising software development in her organisation with the help of LedaMC. Arredondo highlighted the importance of accurately measuring productivity and quality in projects through methods such as Function Points.

In her own words: “Once you can measure yourself against something that is a standard, it allows you to compare yourself. And once you start to compare yourself, you see that you can talk objectively with your suppliers and come to conclusions on how things can be done better”.

Intelligent Estimation with Quanter AI

“And this is just the beginning, we intend to continue in this line of work, for example, identifying non-functional requirements, incorporating new measurement methodologies, we want to work on incorporating assistants that can give you answers based on the project information we have in Quanter, assist in improving the requirements of the projects we have in Quanter, and help us to improve the quality of our work.

The importance of generative AI as a transformative tool in IT

The day concluded with words of thanks from Dácil Castelo to all the participants and to the LedaMC and Quanter team. After a well-deserved applause for the speakers, the attendees enjoyed a networking space where they could share impressions and experiences about the present and future of technology in the era of generative AI.

This event underlined the importance of generative artificial intelligence as a powerful and transformative tool, reaffirming LedaMC and Quanter’s commitment to innovation and people-centred technology development.

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